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Attwood Portable Fuel Systems:
Designed with the Customer in Mind

As a result of new EPA regulations to reduce evaporative emissions, portable fuel systems are now manufactured in such a way that prevents fuel vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. In addition to the environmental benefit, boaters see an economic benefit because their valuable fuel remains in the tank – instead of evaporating.

The Challenges to Portable Fuel Systems

However, the EPA regulations present challenges to the marine industry because the compliant fuel systems are now sealed and unable to vent as in the past. The fact is, all systems sold today must not emit emissions and these new closed systems cause pressure build up inside the tank that rarely occurred prior to the new regulations.

Additionally, each component within the system adds another potential restriction to fuel flow. As fuel restriction levels rise, engine performance is affected. In some cases, complete failure can occur.

Attwood’s Exclusive System Approach to Portable Fuel Systems

Attwood has drawn on our relationships with marine engine OEMs and expertise in integrated fuel systems to develop a comprehensive, fuel tank to engine system solution for managing pressurized fuel and fuel restriction issues resulting from new EPA regulations.

Our innovative approach ensures that your customers have a simple, safe, and reliable solution for their portable fuel needs. And even more important is your customers won’t have to deal with the potential issues associated with EPA compliant systems. We’ve taken care of that for them. So they only have to add fuel and be on their way. That’s great news for them – and for you.

Here’s a look at our Portable Fuel Systems:

Fuel Tank

Unbelievably tough automotive-grade multi-layer construction. Designed to handle expansion from fuel pressure build up. An automatic vacuum valve in the cap allows the system to draw air when necessary to ensure proper engine performance.

Primer Bulb
Multi-layer construction resists collapse and primes 60% faster than the competition. So you spend less time at the dock and more time on the water. Universal Sprayless Connector (USC) – The winner of the 2011 IBEX Innovation Award, the USC fits virtually all marine fuel tanks and eliminates fuel spray (common with traditional connectors) when disconnecting pressurized fuel hoses from tanks.

Fuel Demand Valve (FDV)
This in-line valve keeps pressurized fuel from being forced into and flooding the engine. The FDV makes sure fuel gets to the engine only when the engine demands it.

Fuel Line Kits
You can offer your customers numerous configurations for nearly all engine types featuring the best products and strongest connections resulting from our engineered barb and clamp design.

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Univeral sprayless connector
fuel demand valve