Prevent Fuel Emissions with a Portable Fuel Tank

 New EPA Regulations

In an effort to reduce emissions from marine fuel systems, the EPA has created new regulations. These newly implemented standards limit fuel system ventilation that could cause these potentially harmful emissions. Therefore, fuel systems and their component parts needed to be re-designed to handle an inevitable build-up of pressure while still maintaining proper fuel flow and optimum engine performance.

We re-engineered our new fuel system components to handle tank expansion and keep the system safe under intense amounts of pressure and extreme temperatures. 

Within this “closed” environment, each component of the fuel system also increases the potential for restricted fuel flow. Attwood components work together to alleviate this risk and ensure engine performance by maintaining flow requirements for marine engines.

Our engineering team took a cue from the automotive industry that has been utilizing multi-layer construction for years to help meet safety and emission standards. Consequentially, our new specially-designed portable fuel tank boasts multi-layer construction with strong automotive-grade materials. Designed with the new EPA regulations in mind, our fuel tanks are tough enough to handle the expansion caused from fuel pressure build-up that would be problematic for other fuel tank systems. Part of this can be credited to the automatic vacuum valve in the cap that, when necessary, gives the tank a breath of ‘fresh air’ helping the whole system consistently perform at an optimum level. 

Portable Fuel Tank 

Features and specifications of the Portable Fuel Tank: 
• Proven automotive grade multi-layer construction withstands
the pressure build up associated with closed systems
• Engineered for harsh conditions, temperature extremes and abuse
• Injection molded interfaces eliminate leaks
• Tethered/ratcheting cap with automatic vacuum valve
• Available easy-to-read gauge

Eliminate wasteful and potentially harmful fuel emissions. Keep your investment running in top shape, and keep your fuel where it belongs – in your tank, when you use proven Attwood fuel system components.


We are the marine industry leader for fuel systems and accessories, with a reputation for our products’ durability and reliability. Enjoy being out on the water and keep your peace of mind with our fuel tanks, and other fuel system parts, all constructed to stand up to the pressure of the new EPA regulations. Visit the Portable Fuel & EPA resources section of our site for further information on the new EPA regulations, potential effects of compliance, and the products that keep you safe and your engine performing.