Prevent Fuel Spray with a Universal Sprayless Connector

At Attwood, we want to help you understand how recent EPA regulations affect marine fuel systems. Our fuel system products address the potential negative effects created by these regulations, and we can be relied upon to find innovative next-generation solutions to comply with any new requirements.

Fuel can spray when pressurized hoses are connected and disconnected from fuel tanks to allow for refueling or maintenance. Recent EPA regulations state that you must reasonably expect no fuel spit-back or spillage to occur when refueling. Attwood’s Universal Sprayless Connector is an effective and award-winning solution in preventing fuel spit-back while complying with the EPA.

The Universal Sprayless Connector replaces traditional fuel tank fittings and is designed to fit any fuel system, and its ease of use makes the refueling process safe and easy. While the Universal Sprayless Connector is engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment, it is still extremely affordable and installs within minutes.

The Universal Sprayless Connector

Features and specifications of the Universal Sprayless Connector:

• Male and female connectors for use with all standard marine tanks
• Female fitting compatible with 3/8” and 5/16” fuel hoses
• Male tank fitting compatible with standard 1/4” NPT fuel tank (use thread sealant)
• High fuel flow valves (less than .25kpa restriction at 50 liters/hour) minimize potential restriction and pressure build-up within the system

In addition to being easy to install, the Universal Sprayless Connector also has recessed check valves that prevent spray if accidentally bumped. The check valves instantly close upon disconnecting and will automatically seal if ever subjected to impact or damage.

Prevent the wasteful and unsafe loss of fuel from tanks by incorporating the Universal Sprayless Connector with your fuel tank.

 epa and fuel tanks

For more information on the new EPA regulations, the potential effects of compliance, and the products that keep you safe and your engine performing, visit the Portable Fuel & EPA Resources section of our website. Help the environment and help keep your fuel where you want it… in your tank!